Making supply chain transparent.

Supertrace is a platform that allows creating digital identities for physical products - making supply chain digital, transparent, and traceable.

Companies are using our software and hardware terminals to create 'digital passports' for every product they produce, making those products connected and verifiable.

Add a digital identity to your products.

Every product has a story. Our technology enables brands communicate this story through interactive digital identities that are assigned to every product unit.

Communicate provenance, allow customers to verify every product, and make your supply chain transparent - all within one solution.

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Showcase your product's journey.

Build trust with your customers by showing the origin of your product and its entire path - from the factory floor to consumer's home.

Connect with shoppers through openness and transparency.

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Integration with transparency frameworks

Full view of the supply chain through a single dashboard

Predictive intelligence for straightforward ROI

Hardware + Software Solutions

All-in-one solution for supply chain transparency.

Plug and play solution featuring both software and hardware components allows manufacturers to deploy supply chain transparency technology in days.

Ultimate integration flexibility allows to integrate with third party systems, such as Amazon Transparency, to bring you closer to Industry 4.0.

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Marketplace of integrations

Supertrace meets all major traceability standards and connects seamlessly with existing ERP solutions.

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