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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the integration process?

The integration process takes between one and three months depending on the complexity of your supply chain and how big your production line is. 

Where is Supertrace currently available? 

Supertrace is available across the United States, European and Eastern European countries. Supertrace will also be available across Asia in early 2021. 

Can you tell me more about Supertrace codes? Are they unique? Where are they stored?

Each of the codes created by Supertrace is unique. Once the code is created, it is automatically added to the system. Supertrace is the only entity that owns and has access to the code generation protocol. All of the records with any added information for each of the QR codes are stored on the Supertrace platform and can be accessed by the business at any time. 

How can customers use Supertrace?

Customers are able to scan Supertrace codes by using their iOS or Android phones. Upon scanning, the customer will be transferred to a page with available information about the product. Brands may choose to share the technical information about products such as manufacturing date, place as well as enhanced product and company information such as materials, history of the product and the mission of the company. 

How does Supertrace work for manufacturers and sellers? 

Once Supertrace hardware is installed at the production line, the manufacturers can automatically create and print unique codes for each of the products produced. The code is automatically added to the system where the manufacturer can add any information about the product. Only authentic units are shipped to sellers and customers. 

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