Make your supply chain transparent.

Supertrace technology helps companies and governments to eliminate fraud and inefficiencies from every part of the product life cycle, and proactively prevents counterfeits from reaching customers.

Traceability for manufacturers

Prevent fraud 
Supertrace enables manufacturers, businesses and governments to authenticate each of their products, creating an undisputable competitive advantage and building an even higher barrier for competitors to sell unauthentic products. 

Eliminate inefficiencies 
By giving “digital lives” to the products, the manufacturers, sellers and re-sellers can track the products at every stage of the supply chain, identifying where there are inefficiencies in the process. 

Promote transparency
 The transparency of the data allows parties to create more sustainable processes, optimize communication and create an effectively managed supply chain.

Traceability for consumers

Authenticity of products and counterfeit protection 
We envision the world with no counterfeit products. By giving a digital identity and a digital life to each of the transparency-enabled products, Supertrace prevents the possibility of creating a counterfeit product and makes it hard for unauthentic products to enter the market. By using Supertrace technology, the producers and suppliers proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching consumers. 

Traceable supply chains build trust

Customer trust, transparency and effective communication 
86% of people say that transparency from businesses is more important than ever before (The light Digital). Supertrace technology enables businesses and brands to communicate any relevant product-related information, including manufacturing process, place, and date of production. 
By customizing product passports, businesses can also use Supertrace for marketing purposes: to communicate company’s values, collect information about consumers, offer promotion and discounts and collect feedback about products. 

How Supertrace Works

Create a digital identity at the point of production

Once manufacturer produces a physical product, a digital record is created in our blockchain-powered database. The record shows the full details of the production event - location, time, source of raw materials, producer's details.


Trace the product through supply chain

As the product is being shipped through the supply chain, a record is being added to the product passport - showing both the manufacturer and the end user where the product has been, how it has travelled.

Empower end users to verify provenance

Once the product reaches consumer, they are able to see information about the provenance of the product, as well as the whole history of the product movement through the supply chain. This technology helps build trust with consumers, and give a full 360 degree view of the supply chain to relevant stakeholders.


Why use Supertrace?

Optimise your supply chain

Identify supply chain inefficiencies through digital records.

Meet Industry 4.0 requirements

Be compatible with new industry standards: GS1,  Amazon Transparency, etc.

Build trust with your customers

Establish a new customer communication channel based on trust.

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